Handmade ceramics in Sifnos, by Apostolidis

Handmade earthen products of Sifnos

Cooking utensils

In our workshop we keep making earthen utensils made of Sifnos’ clay, which is well known for its fire resisting qualities as well as of unleaded and non-toxic colours and smalts, according to the specifications of the EU (ΕΝ 13886-1 and the directive 84/500).

All the earthen utensils are suitable to be used for cooking in wood-fired ovens and in electric stoves.

Utilitarian objects

It’s the biggest category of earthen items which includes various earthen objects of everyday use such as plates, platters, salad bowls, mugs, ashtrays etc.

Special creations, made with love, which makes each object unique.

Plain earthen items, the original colour of the clay dominating in its simplicity, but also objects coloured in fascinating colours to make your every-day life prettier, with original designs; collectible items created by the skillful hand of the Sifnian artist (potter).

Items that you are going to love for their authenticity.


A big variety of original and unique bonbonieres that your guests are going to love.

Please contact us so that we decide together which bonbonieres you want us to make for you.

*Art direction and decoration by Katerina Creations.

Decorative tiles and earthen labels

Engraved and painted decorative earthen tiles with ornate designs and labels.

Special earthen creations and many more interesting original forms can be created for you on demand.

We will gladly respond to the challenge of your imagination and design with you impressive earthen objects that will meet your needs and your expectations.

Ancient cooking utensils

Creation of cooking utensils that were used in the ancient times for cooking in open fire.



P.C. 84003, Sifnos - Cyclades



Special thanks

We would like to thank for their photographs: Triantafilos Alexiou, Varvara Spiliopoulou, Giannis Kontos, Emily Bedixen and Jacqueline Meier.


Giannis Apostolidis’ "En Sifno" pottery workshop is located in the area of Leivadas, on the central road from Kamares to Apollonia. More...

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